Basement and foundation vents are the target for television cable, telephones, high speed internet and satellite dish installers, as well as electricians and plumbers too, because they are the easiest access from the exterior of the house to the interior, saving wit it the time and labor (for them) required to drill the right size of hole through the stucco or wooden wall siding for that particular task.



In picture No.1 you can see a wall with a sprinkle control box, electrical outlet and a basement vent. No.2 close-up view of the vent where you can see the bad condition of the screen and the electrical pipe at the upper left corner. No.3 Same wall with the sprinkle box after brand new louver vent installed. No.4 Close-up view of work detail. No.5 and No.6  Another basement vent in bad shape with a TV cable going through it, creating a huge hole for rodents to transit in and out the house. No.7 and No.8 Same spot with brand new louver vent, beside the vent, you can see a black box called "bait station" used to control the outside rodent population.


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