About Bees and "Bee removals"


Bees are one of the greatest insects created on earth. They are beneficial pollinators and should be left alone unless they are in conflict with human activity. If they settle inside the structure of your home such as walls, roofs, attics, basements, fences, chimneys, etc, they can be removed or treated if necessary; however, it is advisable to open the area and remove the honey combs, clean and treat the area to avoid reoccurrence and a negative chain of events, such as rodents infestation, honey dripping, ants, moth, etc. Let us show a few beehive removals to help you visualize the size of the problem.

  • Bees like nice houses too, where they decide to take over the attic space above window.
  • Close up view of the beehive entrance tagged with small pink tape.
  • To access the hive we removed the roofing tiles, tar paper, and plywood sheeting.
  • After lifting the plywood, we can see some new honey combs.
  • Close-up view from honey comb.
  • Completely clean Beehive area, after beehive removal, bee-proofing and treated inside.
  • Service techs showing old combs full with eggs and larva’s found further inside attic.

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