About Pest Birds

Pest birds are causing thousand of dollars in damage to structures and house finishes all around the country. If we think about it, we have to admit the fact of a constantly growing city, taking over the animal kingdom territories; therefore, they get used to live with us, adapting our structures to their needs, creating more conflicts between us, our buildings, and light poles, roofs and attics areas.

Bird infestation should be taken seriously, because they are more than just annoying birds; if you do nothing about it, they will create a lot of problems.

Problems Caused by Birds

Paint is damaged from bird’s droppings, creating a physical damage to automobiles, house finishes and anything around the area.

Danger of slipping and falling on rooftops when stepping over fresh droppings.

Overpopulation of pigeons nesting inside attics may damage the ventilation system ducts putting you at risk of breathing contaminated air inside your home.

Dropping build-up on roofs and dead pigeons will clog rain gutters and drains, creating the chance of flooding in a heavy rainy day.

Salmonella, histoplasmosis, and meningitis can be transmitted by pest birds.

Disgusting view on any building sheltering pest birds due to a lot of dropping build-up.

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