A very common insect mostly seen in your backyard.  Ants are pests around the house, because they feed on and contaminate human food, invade house framing and lawns too. Some of them are able to sting or bite in danger but they don't attack to fabrics, leather or wood inside your home, but some species can establish their nest inside rotten wood or cavities made by termites inside structures.

Most of the species eat a wide variety of food, including sugars, proteins, oils, seeds, plants and insects.

Scouts ants locate the food supply and take a sample of it, she carry it on its back and return to their nest to inform her findings.

The best approach to ant control is cleanliness, any kind of leftover food can attract and provide food supplies (That is your home work!  ).

Sometimes is hard to manage the problem that ways, then we have to use professionally applied residual insecticides sprays, it is done outside your home to provide temporary relief from invading ants. Baits are a good choice if they are strategically applied by one of our technicians.


Several species of spiders enter homes and become a nuisance to home owner. Many people dislike spiders and can not tolerate their presence, for the simple reason of their webs.

Spiders when recently hatched, are tiny and can easily enter homes through window screens or a exterior door without a weather strip, therefore, a good screening is advisable in your house

Some species are able to bite humans and inject venom into the skin. The Black Widow and the Brown Recluse are considered venomous spiders.


The house fly, is one of the most popular pest and it is directly tight to human activities. When excessive population arise, a public health problem is possible.

A lot of pathogens associated with this fly may cause diseases in animals and humans including typhoid, cholera, dysentery, anthrax, tuberculosis, diarrhea as well as worms.

Diseases are transmitted indirectly when picked up by flies from garbage, sewer, feces and other source of filth by their mouth and legs.


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