Exclusions can be accomplished in two ways, one could be defacing your home and the other one Enhancing your home. Let us show you some rat exclusions proudly made by WE GOT YA PEST CONTROL, showing our quality work signature.




1- Crawling space with damaged door, gas pipe going through with some sprinkle wires on the way, creating a big access for rodents.

2- Re-framing with pressure treated wood to enclose gas pipe and sprinkle wires.

3- Re-finishing of new crawling space doorframe with first layer of concrete.

4- Stucco finish of crawling space door. Note that gas pipe is out of the way to create for the new door a good tight fitting.

5- New crawling space door.

6- Close-up detail showing the beauty of craftsmanship, plastic lattice with metal wire mesh behind.


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