About Roaches

Roaches are one of the most common household pests (I mean PESTS, no PETS), once they move into your home, they multiply rapidly, making them really hard to control. If the population is overwhelming, we strongly suggest to contact us or e-mail us to sales@ wegotyabeeremoval.com to professionally control your problem.

About You

Although you may think roaches like dirty places, even the cleanest homes may have them because is very simple for one of them to squeeze through hidden in a grocery bag, or a box full of books, or anything you had in storage for a long time.

  Roach Facts  
  • The fact is that roaches secrete a liquid that has a bad and strong odor which may spoil food, and even contaminate clean dishes with it; What make the problem worse are some bad habits some of us developed for a long time making it part of our life style.
  • Roaches love a lot of water they are good swimmers and need water to survive.
What do I have to do?
  • If you already try to solve the problem and still have roaches around, look for professional help. We are here in your area presto to help you. Please call us (619) 280-0066 San Diego area, (619) 447-1277 East County, (619) 656-4291 South County, (858) 679-9336 North County.
  • Do not eat all around the house use the dinning room for this purpose.
  • Avoid dumping food wraps everywhere.
  • Do not leave snack crumbs, clean it.
  • Avoid doing the dishes next day after dinner you are leaving a lot of food supplies for them.
  • Close and dump your kitchen trash bags every night. Don't leave them open.
  • Turn off water supply after used.
  • keep counter tops dry.
  • Drain water out of the sink.
  • Fix leaky faucets and washing machines.
  • Do your dishes right away, dry them and keep spotless the infested area.

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