To be able to do a successful rodent control, we have to do our part first, and you will have to do yours later. Professional pest control will take care of properly handled rodenticides, installation of bait stations, traps, glue boards or harmless cages  (in case you are too concerned about the rodent) to be released in wild environment later.

We do not encourage the use of electronic devices emitting ultra sound, because rats become accustomed to this sound very quickly and its effect doesn't go through walls diminishing with distance. But, in order to make all of the above work properly, we have to do a carefully inspection of the premises and perform a "Rat Exclusion" or rat proofing, with this procedure we reduce the environment's capacity to "Welcome the rodents" and support rats, blocking the rats access to your building.


Probably you are asking yourself, WHAT ABOUT MY PART?; Ok!, very simple "IMPROVE-SANITATION !!!".


Try these helpful hints:

  • Put all your trash inside a rat proof container and keep the lid closed all the time.
  • Do not leave any trash or food spill overnight.
  • Do not leave pet's food, bird feeder, dishes and water overnight.
  • Store pets food in a rat proof container or metal trash can with a metal lid.
  • Get rid of bushy landscapes too close to the house, especially of Ivy
  • Does not storage wood for the fireplace close to the foundation of the house.
  • Reduce clutter inside unused rooms and organize storage areas, keep it clean.

TIP - If your garage is full of things that "You think you will use" and the time for it never comes, better to get rid of it because You never will.


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